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BioMist offers homeowners throughout Texas professional extermination services designed to keep your home and family spider free and mosquito free.

Exterminate Spiders, Mosquitoes and Other Pests in Your Home

As a resident of Texas, you know first-hand about the struggle to protect your family and plants from unwanted pests throughout the year. We provide professional pest control and exterminator services designed to effectively eliminate those pests, including mosquitoes and spiders. Our solution involves installing automated misting systems that are safe and non-toxic to your family, pets and plants.

Our extermination services include ridding your home of unwanted pests, including the most common offenders, such as mosquitoes, spiders, flies, dirt daubers, and scorpions. To ensure that you receive the best results, we customize a solution to fit your unique needs and situation.

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All spider misting systems and parts are made in the USA.
Our spider misting systems are organic, non-toxic, and water-based.