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Mosquito and Spider Misting System

Mosquito & Spider Misting Systems:
An Organic Pest Control Solution

The BioMist spider misting system is designed and installed to eliminate unwanted pests, including mosquitoes and spiders.

The Proven Mosquito and Spider Control Solution

All spider misting systems and parts are made in the USA The BioMist spider misting system is designed and installed to eliminate unwanted pests, including mosquitoes and spiders. We install and configure the misting system to automatically dispense water-based, biodegradable insecticide in the form of a mist at key points of the day and night for maximum results.

Mosquito and Spider Misting System Installation
Mosquito and Spider Misting System Ceiling Installation

With the misting system as a long-lasting fixture of your home, you will be able to enjoy the rewards of automatic extermination and pest control, saving you money over time.

How the Spider Misting System Works to Keep Your Home Spider Free & Mosquito Free

We install spray nozzles at measured intervals around your house and behind the fascia board to preserve the aesthetics and appearance of your home. In operation, the system injects the nozzles with around 200 psi, making the nozzle tip open and dispense the mist for a set amount of time, which is typically 20 to 30 seconds.

Misting Nozzle

A leading benefit of the automatic and regularly occurring sprays is that they provide constant coverage and protection, helping to break the reproductive cycle of insects. The mist also works with the slightest winds to treat the areas around your house as well as at the foundation.

Mosquito and Spider Misting System

Eliminate Spiders, Mosquitoes and Other Pests Safely

The BioMist spider misting system is the go-to solution for automatic pest control because it is proven to be effective, and it poses absolutely no threat to your family, pets and plants. We use a water-based, biodegradable mist that is organic, safe and non-toxic, and highly effective at eliminating your most common pest problems:

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Pricing for the BioMist Spider Misting System

The BioMist spider misting system starts at $2,500. When you think about your pest control experiences over the years, you might be hard-pressed to remember a solution that actually worked for more than a few weeks or months. But you're not the only one who is dissatisfied or has needlessly been throwing money at pest control problems. In fact, each year Americans spend billions of dollars on countless solutions to keep their homes pest free:

Dollars Spent on Professional Pest Control Services Dollars Spent on Do It Yourself Pest Control Dollars Spent on Protecting Pets from Pests
Source: Ohio State University
If you've experienced the cost and frustration of repeat extermination services, treatment for new pest problems, and the compromise to your family's enjoyment, then our misting system is what you've been looking for. It's effective, safe to your family and plants, and it saves you money in the long run.

Mosquito and Spider Misting System Spray

"Great Company, Great Product, Great Service"
- Mike in Montgomery, TX

"I have had a BioMist spider misting system on my house for over 9-years. It is absolutely the best home improvement I have ever made. Spiders and their webs are a very big problem in this area.

I use your recommended setting and my house stays absolutely clean of any webs. I can't say as much for my neighbors that do not have your system. They pressure wash continuously and repaint every 2-4 years. More importantly, the dependability of your equipment is nothing short of amazing. I have never had to replace the pump or timer. It was seven years before I ever had to replace a clogged spray tip. [...]

Where can you find service like that these days?
Great company, great product, great service."

See the misting system in action:

How to Order a Spider & Mosquito Misting System for Your Home

The first step is to contact us by calling 866-597-6151 or emailing us using the form below. We will schedule a professional inspection of the affected areas of your home, business, farm or ranch to determine your exact needs and then provide a free price quote.

Call 866-597-6151 to learn more about having BioMist professionally install a mosquito and spider misting system on your home, farm, ranch or business.

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All spider misting systems and parts are made in the USA.
Our spider misting systems are organic, non-toxic, and water-based.