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Dirt Daubers

Dirt Daubers are more of an annoyance than a threat. They build nests up high in the eaves of our homes and buildings and can get in the way of our daily activities.

Dirt Dauber
A dirt dauber

What Are Dirt Daubers?

Dirt daubers (also known as mud daubers, dirt diggers and mud wasps) are a type of wasp that is very common throughout Texas. They have a reputation for being a nuisance, building nests in the eaves of homes and even disturbing the fresh coat of a newly painted home.

Where Do Dirt Daubers Live?

Dirt Dauber Nest
A dirt dauber nest
(Source: Powell Smith, Clemson University)
All varieties of dirt daubers are nest builders. You will see a comb-type nest with long tubes where eggs are laid. They commonly build their nests in the eaves of buildings in dry places. This makes a perfect place for eggs to mature for hatching.

Are Dirt Daubers Dangerous to People?

Rarely. If provoked, a dirt dauber will sting, but the pain is very minimal. Those that are allergic to bee stings should take extra precautions around dirt daubers, and seek medical attention when stung.

Dirt Dauber Prevention Tips

One of the most common ways to take care of dirt daubers is to simply remove the nest. Unfortunately, this can be more difficult than it sounds because most dirt dauber nests are built in locations that are harder for people to reach. In addition, there is always the possibility that you might be stung by a dirt dauber in the process.

Once the dirt dauber nest is removed, it is extremely likely that a new group of dirt daubers will move in to build a new nest. It is always wise to hire a professional exterminator as they are trained and equipped to properly and safely remove dirt daubers and their nests.

Call for Professional Dirt Dauber Control

Our insect/spider misting system is ideal for eliminating dirt daubers because it provides continuous and automatic treatment for potentially recurring infestation problems. Learn more about our spider misting system.

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