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Flies aren't as harmless as they seem. They can transmit diseases to both humans and animals. Learn how to protect against the flies common to Texas.


What Types of Flies Live in Texas?

There are many different species of flies buzzing around our homes and businesses, including house flies, black flies and deer flies.

Where Do Flies Live?

Flies live in places where there is plenty of rotting vegetation or garbage. Many flies are attracted to fermenting fruits and vegetables, as well as animal manure. These areas provide them with habitat for laying eggs where the maggots will be able to develop and have an adequate food supply. 

Flies Affect Horses
Horses and livestock need protection from disease-carrying flies.

Do Flies Pose a Threat to Humans?

Most of the flies here in Texas do not harm people. Some flies do bite and can cause swelling and short lived pain. There have been rare cases where some people have fallen into anaphylactic shock.

Flies can transmit diseases. Because they tend to land on rotting debris or garbage, they can pick up germs that can impact the health of people, but more often, flies have more of an impact on horses and livestock. Certain flies will bite these animals causing serious skin irritation and possibly diseases. These could be very damaging to prize horses and livestock.

Fly Prevention Tips

Here are some recommendations to reduce the fly population around your home or business:
  • Remove excess vegetation from around your home or business.

  • Properly store garbage in secure containers.

  • Quickly remove any animal waste from the property.

  • Keep shrubs and plants properly trimmed.

  • Do not allow for standing water on your property.

Professional Fly Control & Insect Misting Systems

BioMist is a pest control company providing home and business owners across Texas with professional extermination services. For fly control, we offer a powerful insect misting system. This system automatically sprays a set number of mists throughout the day, eliminating the flies around your home or business. The mist is non-toxic to your family, pets and plants, but it works effectively to eliminate flies and other common insects and spiders. Learn more about our insect misting systems.

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