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Scorpions are among the most common pests in and around our homes and office buildings. Most of the scorpions that we have here in Texas are not deadly, but their sting can cause considerable discomfort that can last for several days.

Where Do Scorpions Live?

Bark Scorpion Pest Control
Bark Scorpion
Scorpions tend to live in drier areas. Among those are Bark Scorpions, which love to live in piles of debris, under rocks and under boards, and under places like porches. Here in Texas, you can find scorpions on rocky slopes in the pine forests as well as grasslands. Homes that are built in these areas are encroaching on their habitat and appropriate measures need to be taken to ensure that your home or business is adequately protected.

Scorpion Under a Black Light
A scorpion under a black light
Scorpions are predominantly nocturnal, moving around at night and infiltrating dwellings to seek food and shelter. An effective way to detect scorpions in or around your home is to wait for night or darkness and use a black light flashlight to scan the area. The black light will illuminate the scorpion's body, causing a glowing effect. Black light flashlights are inexpensive and readily available in grocery and drug stores.

How Dangerous Are Scorpions to People?

Scorpions in Texas are not considered lethal, but their sting can cause severe pain, swelling, and discoloration of the affected area of the body. The pain can last from several minutes to several days. It is highly advised that you seek immediate medical attention if you are stung by a scorpion. This is especially true for young children, elderly people and anyone with compromised health.

Scorpion Prevention Tips

Scorpions are difficult pests to eliminate, but the following tips should help you immensely in your personal scorpion control efforts:
  • Be sure that weather stripping around doors and windows is in good shape. If not, please replace.

  • Seal around roof eaves, pipes and cracks in your structure.

  • Put your garbage cans on a platform that is a couple inches off the ground.

  • Clean up trash, boards, rocks and other debris away from your home or business.

  • Be sure that grass near your home or business is mowed closely.

  • Trim all trees and shrubs away from your home or business.

  • If you have weep holes in your brickwork, plug it with screen, steel wool, copper mesh or nylon scouring pad.

  • Make sure that screens are free of rips or holes and that they fit properly in the frame.

  • Never store firewood inside. Take it directly from the stack and place in the fire.

Call for Professional Scorpion Control

Our pest control specialists are extremely skilled at controlling scorpion problems. We offer traditional extermination services as well as spider misting systems, which provide continuous and automatic treatment for any scorpion problem you might have. Learn more about our spider misting system.

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