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"West Nile mosquitoes found in The Woodlands"

The Texas Department of State Health Services recently reported the first positive pool of West Nile mosquitoes in The Woodlands this year. The sample was collected during surveillance the week of June 2. Read more

Mosquito & Spider Misting Systems
BioMist provides pest control exterminator services for homes and businesses across Texas,
including The Woodlands, Lake Livingston, Lake Conroe and Spring.

Automatic Mosquito & Spider Misting Systems

BioMist Misting System

The Perfect Solution for Constant Mosquito Control

All systems and parts are made in the USA Eliminate unwanted spiders, mosquitoes and other common pests and insects around your home with our organic, non-toxic, water-based spider misting systems. Designed specifically for spider and mosquito control, the BioMist spider misting system is safe to your family and plants, and it saves you money that would otherwise be spent on costly, recurring pest control services.

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"A refreshing change in the Houston market"

Customer Feedback "It was more than a pleasure working with BioMist Systems. They are attentive to clients' needs and quick to respond. They are a refreshing change in the Houston market where customer service is not always paramount. Not only is the system wonderful it is also placed on the house nicely. There are no ugly hanging wires that draw the eye. I would recommend anyone to use the services of BioMist and trust they will receive the same excellent customer service that we did."

- Duran and Tara Dismore

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Areas We Service

We proudly service residents and businesses across Texas, including:
  • The Woodlands
  • Lake Livingston / Houston
  • Lake Conroe
  • Spring
  • Bryan-College Station
  • Lake Limestone
  • Austin
  • San Antonio
  • Dallas
  • South Padre Island
  • Brownsville
  • South Texas

Creative Pest Control Solutions for Your Specific Needs

Residential Pest Control

Residential Pest Control

Enjoy your backyard without worrying about spiders, mosquitoes, flies and other common pests. Learn about our insect misting system and other pest control solutions to keep your home spider and mosquito free.

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Residential Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control

A healthy, pest-free work environment keeps your employees productive and your customers loyal. Our commercial solutions include traditional pest control as well as automated misting systems for long-lasting protection.

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Residential Pest Control

Farm and Ranch Pest Control

Infestations and cross-contamination can cause serious harm to horses, livestock and crops. Our flexibility allows us to offer custom pest control solutions designed to protect your farm or ranch effectively.

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How Our Misting Systems Keep Your Home Spider & Mosquito Free

Here at BioMist Pest Control, we use the highest quality parts and components offered in the misting system industry. Our environmentally friendly insecticide is dispensed through the Hago 4023 HP NSB no-drip spray tip, to ensure a clean and efficient spray from your spider and mosquito misting system. We back that high pressure no-drip Hago 4023 HP NSB tip up with Parker push-to-connect fittings to ensure a tight seal on the injection line for optimum performance.
The BioMist timer stands alone in the industry with its long range remote signals, easy to use buttons with no digital screens to mess up and cause inaccurate readings and false alarms, therefore disabling your system that should be still on and active. The timer operates our 1/2 HP motor and fluid-o-tech 140 GPH pump. None of those top quality products will work without our BioMist insecticides, keeping the houses barns and yards clean and free from spiders, mosquitoes and all other insects. BioMist Pest Control and misting systems team of technicians are ready to tackle any pest control problem or insect misting system installation that you can present to us.

Please contact us at 866-597-6151 to order any parts or service or send us an email.
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All spider misting systems and parts are made in the USA.
Our spider misting systems are organic, non-toxic, and water-based.